Blue Poppy Seeds Market Update – October 2023

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Poppy Seed Market Overview

In 2023, the Czech Republic, the largest blue poppy seed producer in Europe, recorded a 14% smaller harvest in comparison to 2022, as indicated by the Czech statistical office.
The decrease in production has already caused prices to rise in the market. However, farmers are requesting higher prices, and they are patiently waiting for the situation to change.

On the other hand, poppy seed producers are currently facing a significant challenge: sourcing raw materials that meet EU standards. Finding batches with low morphine content and within the pesticide EU limits seems to be main task for buyers in 2023/24 season.

Current Poppy Seeds Challenges

Farmers vs Producers: Poppy Seed Negotiations

According to the leading poppy seed producers, farmers are currently reluctant to sell their poppy seeds. This is because the yield from 2023 crop have been lower than in previous years, and the current price levels are not seen as competitive by the farmers. They are waiting for higher prices before considering selling. Producers have been talking to the farmers, but no deal has been made yet, so the situation is at a standstill.

Difficulty in Finding Suitable Raw Material

This dip in production has raised serious concerns about the availability of good quality product in the market. Blue poppy seed producers are finding it tougher this year to get raw materials that meet EU rules on low pesticide residues and morphine levels. Some poppy seeds batches available on the market have more than 25 mg/kg of morphine, above EU buyers requirements.

Blue Poppy Seeds Plant

Blue Poppy Seeds Market Trends

Czech Reduced Production in 2023

According to the Czech statistical office, the blue poppy seed crop (both organic and conventional) is expected to reach 19 000 tons from 2023 crop. This figure is 20% lower than the five-year average.
The future of poppy cultivation in the Czech Republic, which has been experiencing declines in past years, doesn’t look promising. Will other countries, like Hungary or Bulgaria, take the lead in cultivation?

Hungary Increased Production in 2023

In 2022, the poppy seed cultivation area in Hungary covered 7 600 hectares. We still wait for official statistics from 2023 crop. Nevertheless, Hungary is playing an increasingly significant role in poppy seed production. To put this in perspective, in 2015, poppy in Hungary was cultivated on just 2 500 hectares.

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Organic Blue Poppy Seeds Production

Unfortunately, organic blue poppy seed production in EU seems to be on the decline. Producers are struggling to offer any significant quantities of EU origin poppy at the moment. and the temporary solution lies in sourcing goods of Turkish origin. At present, importers are providing Turkish-origin products, but each batch requires thorough analysis to ensure quality and compliance.

Blue Poppy Seeds Cleaned

Blue Poppy Seeds Market Summary

In 2023, the Blue Poppy Seed market in the Czech Republic faced a tough year. Their production dropped by a big 14% compared to 2022, causing prices to go up. However, farmers are holding out for even better prices, causing a standstill in the market.

These changes indicate that the Czech Republic is facing challenging times, with another difficult year ahead. This situation might create an opportunity for other countries, such as Hungary, to expand their cultivation in the coming years and potentially become the leading producer of blue poppy seeds in Europe.




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