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About Us

At Seedea, we're experts at bringing together suppliers and buyers in the organic, conventional, and gluten-free food ingredients wholesale market.

In 2015, Seedea began working closely with Polish producers to promote their organic and conventional raw materials on European markets.


As our customer base grew, their demand for a wider selection of organic, conventional and gluten-free ingredients motivated us to partner with more suppliers, not just from Poland but also from across Europe.

About Us

At Seedea, we're not just specialist in the organic and gluten-free food ingredients market; we're a team of passionate individuals who have dedicated over a decade to this industry.

We proudly deliver to small and medium-sized B2B food producers located across the globe.

At Seedea, we know purchasing and finding the right supplier can be very challenging. 

Discover how our network of trusted suppliers can help your business.

Reliable Sourcing

Sourcing bulk ingredients from trusted and verified suppliers enable us to ensure you consistent quality of the food ingredients and year-round availability.

Industry Expertise

Leverage our conventional and organic food ingredients expertise and market knowledge of the food ingredients industry to make informed and better purchasing decisions.

Partnership Approach

We work closely with you to understand your product needs and your purchasing process, ensuring a long-term partnership that benefits your company.

Full Transparency

We share detailed information of our production process so you can easily understand the steps we take to ensure the safety and quality of our pulses, pseudocereals and bakery seeds.

Responsive Communication

We ensure you receive prompt feedback, whether it's regarding quality or missing information, by promptly addressing all your questions and concerns.

Fast Quotes

We guarantee rapid price quotations, ensuring you don't have to wait weeks for an offer.
With us, you can have your price the very same day, putting you in control of your decisions.

Our Products

While we can't offer every ingredient under the sun, we specialize in what we know best: Pulses, Pseudocereals, and Seeds.

Explore Our Products

Organic, Conventional and Gluten-Free Food Ingredients.

Conventional Food Ingredients

We source all of our food ingredients directly from approved suppliers, ensuring the highest quality.

Blue Poppy Seeds in Bulk

Organic Food Ingredients

Organic raw materials undergo rigorous analysis in external laboratories, guaranteeing their organic origin.

Hulled Millet in Bulk

Gluten-Free Food Ingredients

Our range of products is carefully produced in dedicated gluten-free facilities, specialized in pseudocereals.

Struggling To Find Reliable Supplier?

Contact us and discover what we can offer you!

Seedea in Numbers

We ship over 7000 tons annually to numerous European countries

Meet Our Team

At Seedea, we're a small but passionate team pouring our hearts into our business. With a shared commitment to our values and mission of 'Connecting Agricultural Markets'.

We work hard to support you in your purchasing decisions within the organic, conventional and gluten-free markets.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. Regularly the best time to buy/contract the product is after the harvest.
However, it depends on product availability and general market conditions.
We provide timely updates and guidance to help you make informed purchasing decisions.

The harvest of products varies depending on the specific crop and region. Check out our calendar of harvest – you can find it in each product description.
First of all raw materials are carefully sourced and processed in dedicated facilities free from gluten contamination. Goods are well inspected at reception, during cleaning and after cleaning to verify the gluten-free status. Ultimately, external laboratory analysis (ELISA method) are used to provide the final guarantee.
We regularly need 2 weeks to prepare an order. However, it depends on complexity of the order and ordered volume.
Yes, we can offer fixed pricing for annual contracts, providing stability and budget certainty for your business.
We offer the flexibility to combine different products in a single delivery, streamlining your logistics and reducing costs.

We can provide laboratory analysis reports upon your request.

We can send you samples even before starting cooperation.

We offer products without other allergens, such as mustard or soy. Feel welcome, to contact us.

Yes, in fact we encourage customers to perform audits at ours partner production plants even before
starting cooperation.

We conduct laboratory analyses such us: pesticides screeing, glyphosate+ampa, ochratoxin, tropan alkaloids, microbiology and heavy metals depending on final agreemnet with the customers and always in compliance with relevant EU regulations
Our products undergo thorough inspections, including metal detector and x-ray checks, to ensure the highest safety standards and minimize any potential risks.

The expiry dates of our products vary depending on the specific product.
Usually it’s 12 months from production.

We source our products from various suppliers, mainly from Poland, but
also from other European sources like Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, France, Turkey, Czech Republic, Hungary and Kazakhstan.

The minimum order quantities (MOQ) is 12 tons. For first trial orders is possible to deliver smaller quantities upon requests.
Standard payment term is 30 days

Products are processed in dedicated facilities free from
gluten contamination.

Our partner’s production plants hold quality certificates that validate their adherence to industry standards and EU regulations.

Organic products are sold under valid organic certificate and always with analysis confrming its organic origin.
Each product before its released has to be approved by quality department.
We offer 25 kg paper bags packing or PP 750/1000 kg big bags packing.

Yes, our products are suitable for direct consumption or processing, depending on
each customers specific needs.

We offer various delivery options, including EXW (Ex Works) and DAP (Delivered at Place).
We work closely with our suppliers to ensure timely deliveries.