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Gluten-Free Products

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Believe it or not, ensuring a gluten-free guarantee isn’t as simple as quick machine cleaning or a single gluten ELISA test done in a lab. With years of experience supplying gluten-free products, we know firsthand that the process remains remarkably demanding.

The complexity of this effort highlights the critical need for better control. A well-managed process not only guarantees safety for our customers but also safeguards our reputation.

While there are numerous steps to consider in gluten-free production, we’ve identified five key stages that are paramount to our process: 

1. Choosing Gluten-Free Raw Material  

Production of conventional or organic gluten-free products start with selection of right raw material. We source these ingredients from our farmers and suppliers, all of whom are required to meet our gluten-free raw material standards and undergo our regular audits.

Selecting the right raw material is a cornerstone of gluten-free production. It’s essential to ensure that the ingredients we use are 100% gluten-free, and this starts with carefully chosen suppliers.

We have established partnerships with farmers and suppliers who not only provide high-quality ingredients but also adhere to our strict gluten-free sourcing requirements.

2. Inspection of Incoming Gluten-Free Raw Material

Once we carefully select the raw material, we must verify whether it is actually suitable for our gluten-free production. Incoming goods undergo profound quality control at reception.

Our commitment to quality begins the moment raw materials arrive at our facility. If the receipt is in bulk, an automatic grain sampler is used to take samples. In the case of deliveries in big bags, we manually collect samples from each bag.

We then meticulously examine these samples for any potential gluten impurities through organoleptic checks. It’s crucial to provide comprehensive training to your quality staff, ensuring they possess the expertise needed to handle gluten-free products.

This stringent inspection process ensures that only gluten-free raw materials proceed to the next stages of buckwheat or millet production.

3. Safe Gluten-Free Manufacturing Process

Processing organic and conventional gluten-free products on the same technological line would not make sense if we were to process gluten-containing raw materials alongside them. We use one cleaning line for a single product. Buckwheat is cleaned on its own production line, and so the millet is handled separately.

When it comes to bakery seeds or pulses, we use a specialized cleaning process on a dedicated line. Whenever we switch production, we make sure to clean machines thoroughly, allowing us to prepare wide range of products smoothly.

Commitment to maintain a gluten-free environment should extend to all manufacturing process. This is why we prepare each processed product on a dedicated production line to prevent cross-contamination.

The careful selection of machinery and dedicated production lines underscores dedication to producing safe gluten-free ingredients.

4. Final Quality Control and External Analysis   

To guarantee the safety and quality of production and wholesale of organic gluten-free products, we must monitor quality at all stages of production. This includes regular testing of raw materials, products currently being processed, and finished products for the presence of gluten.

Gluten-free buckwheat processor based in Poland states:

Producing gluten-free buckwheat may seem easy, but it involves careful sourcing, lab analysis, and proper manufacturing with final quality control to ensure every step maintains its gluten-free status.

Quality control doesn’t end with the production process; it’s an ongoing commitment.

We maintain an in-house lab that continually monitors our products, visually inspecting post-production samples. Furthermore, to add an extra layer of assurance, we collaborate with third-party laboratories for independent gluten testing.

5. Transparent Communication

We believe in maintaining open and transparent communication with our customers, sharing valuable insights and knowledge about the gluten-free process. Our customers also took a part in improving our process over the years by sharing their experience with us.

We take pride in being transparent about gluten-free production process of our partners. It’s not just about producing gluten-free products; it’s also about sharing our knowledge and insights with our customers. Through open communication, we provide you with the information you need to make informed choices about choosing gluten-free products.

Moreover, we recognize the importance of customer feedback. Your experiences and suggestions have played a vital role in refining and enhancing our gluten-free production processes over the years.


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